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Sunday 19 October 2014

UP TGT Exam Solved Questions Paper 2014

UP TGT Exam Solved Questions Paper 2014
Latest general awareness GS, General study question for upcoming UP TGT / PGT teacher Exam 2015 Solved questions for Trend graduate Teachers General Knowledge question Paper
UP TGT Exam Date : 11 January 2015 , 18 January 2015, 25 January 2015
Q: kllohertz” and “Megahertz” are units of
Radio waves
Answer : B

Q: The Salaries and expenses of the Judges of Supreme Court of India is charged upon
A: Consolidated Fund of India
B: Union Finance Ministry
C: Union Law Ministry
D: none of the above.
Answer : A

Q: The first war of Independence (1857) was started from which place of Uttar Pradesh?
A:-   Meerut
B:-   Kanpur
C:-   Jhansi
D:-   Kalpi.
Answer : A

Q: Who among the following players won Tennis US Women’s Singles Championship Title,
A:  Ms. Ryam Winslet
B:  Ms. Saina Nehwal
C:  Ms. Samantha Stosur
D:  Ms. Momka Pyrek.
Answer : C

Q:  The type of rear view mirror in a car is
A:  concave
B:  parabolic
C:  plain
D:  convex
Answer : D

Q: Which city is known as a birth place of Urdu poet Mirza Galib and musician Ustad  Faiyaz Khan?
A:-   Lucknow
B:-   Agra
C:-   Barabanki
D:-   Meerut.
Answer : B

Q: In which of the following years was the Panchayat Raj system started in Uttar Pradesh?
A:-   1948
B:-   1956
C:-   1951
D:-   1959.
Answer : D

Q: What is the full form of RADAR?
A:  Radio Echo System
B:  Radio detection and range finding
C:  Reflected radio waves tracking
D:  None of the above
Answer : B

Q: Water has maximum density at
A:  4°C
B:  4°F
C:  4°K
D:  0°C
Answer : A

Q: The State of Avadh was annexed to British Government under the Doctrine of Lapse in
A:-   1853
B:-   1855
C:-   1843
D:-   1856.
Answer : D

Q: Who among the following players won Wimbledon Tennis Championship Title, 2011 Women’s Singles?
A:  S.Z. Williams
B:  Petra Kavitova
C:  Andy Roddic
D:  Daniel Nestor.
Answer : B

Q: Who won National Billiards Championship, 2011?
A:  Arvindra Setty
B:  SureshRana
C:  Pankaj Advani
D:  Alok Kumar.
Answer : D

Q:  The speed of sound is
A:  3x108m/s
B:  331 rn/s
C:  1450m/s
D:  5000m/s
Answer : B

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