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Sunday 19 October 2014

SSC CGL Questions Paper Combined Graduate Level Solved questions 2015

SSC CGL Questions Paper Combined Graduate Level Solved questions 2015
General awareness GS General study Paper  GK general knowledge combined graduate level examination 19 October GA  with answer key
94 : Lothal te dockyard, site of the Indus valley civilization is situated in
A Gujarat     B Punjab     C Pakistan     D Haryana

95 Who among the delhi sultans diet of a sudden fall from a horse at Lahore while playing chaugan ?
A Qutbuddin Aibak     B iltutmish     C balban     D jalaluddin Khilji

96 Budha Means
A Great Conqueror
B Great Saint
C wise one
D enlightened One

97 which one of the following is an item included in the list of fundamental duties of an India citizens in the constitution  ?
A to practice secularism
B to develop scientific temper humanism and the positive of enquiry and reform
C To pay all taxes to government regularly and correctly
D not to assault any public servant in the during performance of his duties

98 the first women to preside over the UN general Assembly
A rajkumari Amrit kaur
B Vijaylakshmi Pandit
C kamla Nehru
D Indira Gandhi

99 panchasiddhantham of varahmihira deals with
A astrology     B astronomy     B medicine     D Anatomy

100 which one of the following coins was issued in silver during the gupta period
A kakini     B Nishka     C Rupyaka     D dinar

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