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Monday 20 October 2014

Railway Exam Solved Questions Paper 2014

Previous year question paper of railway recruitment Board RRB Examination , RRB Exam Latest General awareness questions for Upcoming Railway Examination Group D, JE junior engineer, Technician  , General Study Gs, General Knowledge questions with answer
Q: Television stations cannot transmit their regional programmes to far off places because
A:  these signals are electro magnetic
B:  they are non-electro magnetic
C:  they have large amplitude
D:  they are not reflected by the ionosphere as radio waves
Answer : D

Q: The Parliament of India increased the salary and emoluments of President of India in
December, 2008. The total monthly emoluments of President of India is raised to
A: 75,000
B: ‘1,50,000
C: ‘85,000
D ‘1.1 lakh
Answer : B

Q: Who is the Governor of the Uttar Pradesh
A:-   Mohd. Usman Arif
B:-   Vishnu Kant Shastri
C:-   Suraj Bhan
D:-   Narayan Dutt Tiwari.
Answer : B

Q: Which line on a ship indicates the greatest admissible limit of submergence?
A:  Pimsoll line
B:  Radanio line
C: Haddock line
D:  None of the above
Answer : A

Q: Which among the following Chief Justice of Pakistan was sacked on charges of misconduct and misuse of authority by former militant President Gen. Purvez Musharaf?
A:  Mohammad Aslam Khan
B:  Iftikhar Mohammed Chaudhary
C:  S. Obedulla Azami
D:  Javed lqbal
Answer : B

Q: Who was the second woman Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh?
A:-   Sarojini Naidu
B:-   Kamla Nehru
C:-   Mayawati
D:-   Vijai Laxmi Pandit.
Answer : C

Q:  To an astronaut in space, the sky appears to be
A:  White
B:  Blue
C:  Red
D:  Dark
Answer : D

Q: The Rani Mahal Museum is situated at
A:-   Agra
B:-   Allahabad
C:-   Jhansi
D:-   Mathura.
Answer : C

Q: The first Parliamentary elections were held in India in
A:  1952
B:  1950
C:  1951
D:  1953
Answer : A

Q: Where was the Congress and League Pack signed in 1916
A:-   Pune
B:-   Allahabad
C:-   Lucknow
D:-   New Delhi.
Answer : C

Q: When ice starts melting
A:  there is no change in volume
B:  there is no change in temperature
C:  there is no change in state
D:  none of the above
Answer : A

Q: In which cities of Uttar Pradesh the famous Kumbh festival is organized?
A:-   Allahabad — Haridwar
B:-   Allahabad — Varanasi
C:-   Ayodhya — Allahabad
D:-   all are right.
Answer : A

Q: Formerly by which name was Uttar Pradesh known
A:-   Arya Pradesh
B:-   Avadh Prant
C:-   Uttari Prant
D:-   United Province.
Answer : D

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