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Saturday 18 October 2014

CBSE UGC Net solved Model question Paper I General Paper on Teaching & Research Aptitude December 2014

General Paper on Teaching & Research Aptitude (Paper -I) | Latest important general awareness question for upcoming CBSE UGC net December 2014 JRF Examination | model sample question paper with answer key | UGC NET free study material and question paper with solution
Q:  The Meteorological office predicts depression” over a certain area. It means:
A: cloudy skies
B: low atmospheric pressure over a large area
C: heavy weather causing a feeling of depression
D: atmospheric pressure in the area is lower than that in the surrounding areas
Answer : D

Q:  Break-down in verbal communication is described as
A: Short circuit
B: Contradiction
C: Unevenness
D: Entropy
Answer : D

Q:  Which of the following is used to trace cancer growth
A:  Radio-Iodine (1-131)
B:  Radio-Sodium (Na24)
C:  Cobalt-60
D:  Carbon-14
Answer : C

Q:  The Telephone Model of Communication was first developed in the area of
A: Technological theory
B: Dispersion theory
C: Minimal effects theory
D: Information theory
Answer : D

Q:  _______ is the densest part of the atmosphere.
A:  Ionosphere
B:  Stratosphere
C:  Troposphere
D:  Exosphere
Answer :C

Q:  The Dada Saheb Phalke Award for 2013 has been conferred on
A: Karan Johar
B: Amir Khan
C: Asha Bhonsle
D: Gulzar
Answer : D

Q:  Number of electrons present in outermost shells of an atom taking part in a chemical reaction is called
A:  Outermost electrons
B:  Balance electrons
C:  Valence electrons
D:  Reactive electrons
Answer : C

Q:  Photographs are not easy to
A: publish
B: secure
C: decode
D: change
Answer : C

Q:  Sarnath where Buddha preached his first sermon is located in
A:  Aurangabad
B:  Varanasi
C:  Bhopal
D:  Patna
Answer : B

Q:  The grains that appear on a television set when operated are also referred to as
A: sparks
B: green dots
C: snow
D: rain drops
Answer : C

Q:  Lambad tribes are found in
A:  Madhya Pradesh
B:  Andhra Pradesh
C:  Kerala
D:  All of the above
Answer :B

Q:  In circular communication, the encoder becomes a decoder when there is
A: noise
B: audience
C: criticality
D: feedback
Answer: D

Q:  The lowest temperature of air is recorded at
A:  Mid night
B:  Just after sunset
C:  Just before sunrise
D:  4 a.m
Answer :C

Q:  In a post-office, stamps of three different denominations of ` 7, ` 8,
` 10 are available. The exact amount for which one cannot buy stamps is
A: 19
B: 20
C: 23
D: 29
Answer: A

Q:  The world’s largest river is
A:  Amazon
B:  Brahmaputra
C:  Nile
D:  Mississippi
Answer :A

Q:  If the series 4, 5, 8, 13, 14, 17, 22, .... is continued in the same pattern, which one of the following is not a term of this series ?
A: 31
B: 32
C: 33
D: 35
Answer: C

Q:  Which State has very little alluvial soil area?
A: Bihar
B: TamilNadu
C: Maharashtra
D: Madhya Pradesh
Answer : D

Q:  One writes all numbers from 50 to 99 without the digits 2 and 7. How many numbers have been written ?
A: 32
B: 36
C: 40
D: 38
Answer:  A
CBSE UGC Net solved Model question Paper I General Paper on Teaching & Research Aptitude December 2014

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