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Saturday 18 October 2014

Railway Group D Solved Model Question paper 2014 General Awareness GK

RRB , RRC Railway Group D Exam Solved questions paper , sample questions paper with answers , Latest General awareness , GK general knowledge questions for upcoming Railway Examination 2014 , General Study free study material

Q : Chicken is cooked faster in pressure cooker because
A stem is hotter than boiling water
B hear can not escape from the cooker
C in the cooker water start boiling at a lower temperature
D due to high pressure the boiling point of waste raised
Answer : D

Q : ‘Neutron’ (n) was discovered by
A:  J.J. Thompson
B:  Chadwick
C:  Goldstein
D:  Yukawa
Answer: B

Q : Woolens keep us warm in winter because they
A:  do not allow our body heat to escape
B:  do not allow cool air to enter
C:  good absorber of heat
D:  produce more warmth
Answer : A

Q : Wet tropical deciduous forests are found in
A:  The Shiwaliks
B:  Deccan plateau
C:  Central India
D:  None of the above
Answer :A

Q : Which of the following .are used as ‘moderators’
(I) Graphite
(II) Heavy Water (D20)
(III) Simple water
(IV) Carbon
A:  only (I)
B:  (I) and (III)
C:  (I) and (IV)
D:  (I) and (II)
Answer : D

Q : Which of the tribes live in Andaman Islands?
A:  Todas
B:  Onge
C:  Bhils
D:  Mundas
Answer :B

Q : The place likely to have range of temperature is
a Hyderabad
b Leh
c Chennai
d; Bikaner
Answer : C

Q : No two electrons in the atom can have the same set of quantum numbers is known as
A:  Hund’s rule
B:  Pauli exclusion principle
C:  Bohr’s rule
D:  Heisenberg principle
Answer : B

Q : The soil which is formed under typical MAnonsoonal conditions is
A:  Red soils
B : Laterite soils
C: Black soils
D : ReguLAr soils

Q : The longest railway platform in India is at
A:  Kharagpur
B: Chennai
C : Delhi
D:  Sonepur
Answer : A

Q : ‘Entropy’ is
A:  a Catalyst
B:  measure of chemical reaction
C:  measure of quantity heat
D:  measure of system’s disorder
Answer : C

Which of the following States has oil resources based on geographical location?
A: Karnataka
B: Rajasthan   
C: Assam
D: Jammu & Kashmir
Answer : C

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