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Friday 5 December 2014

UP TGT Exam General Study GS Questions (Important) General Knowledge

UP TGT Exam 2013 , 2014 . 2015 Exam Date : 11 January , 18 January and  25 January
Very important General study GS questions paper. General Knowledge about the uttar pradesh , General Knowledge GK questions of Uttar pradesh , Model Sample question paper for upcoming trend graduate Teacher Exam 
Q1 In what type of are vegetation Deodar, Spruce and Oak trees found?
(A) Tropical Forest    (B) Tropical Moist Deciduous   
(C) Sub-tropical Forest    (D) Moist Temperate

Q2 Which of the following is the 71st district of Uttar Pradesh?
(A) Aligarh    (B) Etah    (C) Kanshiram Nagar    (D) Firozabad

3 Give the position of Uttar Pradesh in respect of population in India—
(A) First (B) Second    (C) Third (D) Fourth   

4 Trees of Mango, Jamun, Peepal and Neem are found in which forest area in Uttar Pradesh?
(A) Moist temperate forest area of Himalayas (B) Sub tropical forest area
(C) Tropical dry deciduous forest area    (D) Tropical thorny forest area

5 Give the names of States whose boundaries touch the Northern border of Uttar Pradesh—
(A) Nepal-Uttarakhand (B) Nepal-Pakistan    (C) Tibbet-China    (D) Tibbet-Pakistan
UP TGT Exam Solved Questions Paper 2014
6 How many types of wooden trees are found in Uttar Pradesh? In which area of the State are tropical moist deciduous forests found?
(A) 50 to 75 cm rain area (B) 75 to 100 cm rain area
(C) 100 to 150 cm rain area    (D) 150 to 200 cm rain area

7 What is the percentage of forest in Uttar Pradesh?
(A) 13.13%    (C) 16.13%    (B) 15.13%    (D) 4.46%

8 What is mixed in making the Biroja and turpentine oil?
(A) Ral of Sal (B) Ral of Pine    (C) Ral of Shesham (D) Ral of Khair   

9 Give the position of Uttar Pradesh in respect of area in India—
(A) Second Position (B) First Position
(C) Third Position (D) Fourth Position
TGT PGT 2013 Exam Dates Time Table
10 Of which religion are the maximum followers in Uttar Pradesh?
(A) Muslim (C) Buddha (B) Hindu (D) Jam

11 What is the density of population Varanasi as per census of 2001 ?
(A) 1832   (B) 1922     (D) 1995        (C) 1715

12 Which is the oldest University in Uttar Pradesh?
A Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedakar University    B Aligarh Muslim University
C Allahabad University        D Sahu Chhatrapati Maharaj University

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