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Sunday 19 October 2014

SSC Graduate Level Questions paper of 18 October 2014 General Awareness CGL Tier I

SSC Graduate Level Questions paper of 18 October 2014 General Awareness CGL Tier I
SSC Question paper of Combined graduate level examination 19 October 2014 Tier I  |

51 : The mountain formed on the earth crust due to tension is called
A young Folded mountain
B Old Folded Mountain
C Laccolith Mountain
D Block Mountain

52 : Movement of hairs in drosera is referred to as
A heliotropism     B Thigmonropism     C photometric      D Seismonastic

53 which of the following is an example of  parasitic alga ?
A ulothrix     B Cephaluros     C odogonium     D sargassum

54 Solitary cymose inflorescence is observed in
A Rose     B chinarose     C tuberose     D Gardenia

55 The excretory aperture in paramecium is known as
A cytopharynx     B cytostome     C cytopyge     D cryptospere

56 IVF technique was first devised by
A patrick Steptoe and Robert Edward
B dr. henry Dixon
C Robertson
D dr martin Cooper

57 what is biodiversity ?
A many type of flora & fauna in one forest
B many types of flora and fauna in many forests
C many population of one species in one forest
D all the above are true

58 where is the headquarters of  Hindustan zink limited
A Udaipur     B jodhpur     C Jaisalmer     D Jaipur

59 leaving agriculture land uncultivated for some year known as
A intensive farming     B fallowing C shifting cultivation     D subsistence farming

60 The sky appear blue due to
A rayleigh scattering     B mie scattering     C back scattering     D none of the above

62 the most advanced form of read onely memory ROM is
A prom     B RAM     C Cach Mmory     D EEPROM

63 A computer program that translates one program instruction one at the a time into machine language is called A/AN
A interpreter     B compiler     C Simulator     D commander

64 which of the following is very reactive and kept in kerosene?
A sodium     B potassium     C Iodine     D Bromine

65  Just born bay has the respiratory rate is
A 32 time / minuts     B 26 TM     C 18 Tm     D 15 Tm

67 which of the following devised can be used to detect radian hear ?
A liquid thermometer      B six maximum and minimum thermometer   
C constant volume air thermometer     D thermopile

68 : in which of th following the phenomenon of total internal reflection of light is used ?
A formation of mirage     B working of binoculars     C formation of rainbow D Twinkling of stars

 Booklet SET 088 RM 9 /Question Paper  SET 088RM9
69 to conserve coral reefs , h government of india declared one of the following as marin park :
A Gulf of kutch     B Lakshadweep island     C Gulf of mannar      D Andaman islands

70 the special modified epidermal cells surrounding stomatal pore are called
A Epithelial Cells     B guard cells     C subsidiary cells     D accessory cells

71 Transpiration through leaves is called as
A cauline transpiration
B foliar Tranpiration
C cuticular Transpiration
D lenticular transpiration

72 who is the brand ambassador of the nokia phone in India
A shah rukh khan      B aamir khan     C abhishek bachchan D MS dhoni

73 which of the following is metallic ore ?
A mica     B quartz     C feldspar     D galena

74 in the periodic table of element , on moving from left to right across a priod the atomic radius
A decreases     B increases     C Remains unchanged     D does not follow a definite pattern

75 Vulcanized rubber contains sulphure
A 2%    B 3-5%    C 7-9%    D 10-15%

76 uric acid is the chief nitrogenous wastes In
A frogs     B birds     C fishes     D mankind

78 consumer electronics imaging fair 2013 , formally called as Photo fair, will b organize in January 2015 at
A kolkata    B chennai     C delhi     D Mumbai

78 which Indian state is the leading cotton producer
A Gujarat     B Maharashtra     C Andhra pradesh      Madhya pradesh

79 the more mega store retail chain belong to which indian industry
A reliance industry     B bharti enterprises     C aditya birla group     D none of these

80 who among the fllowing was responsible for the revival of Hinduism in 19 cenurary
A swami vivekanand     B Swami Dayananad     C Guru Shankrachary     D raja ram mohan roy

81 The noble peace prize is awarded in which city
A Brussels     B Geneva     C oslo         D Stockholm

82 head quarter of International Olympic committee located
A Italy     B Switzerland         C Belgium     D France

83 Canterbury the premium Indian brand of woolen cardigans and pullover is from th house of
A monte Carlo     B woodland     C Digjam     D OCM

84 Lionel messi , the winner of fouw FIFA ballion D ‘ r and wold player of the year belong o
A brazil     B spain     C Argentina     D Germany

85 who is the brand ambassador of th hockey Indian league HIL 2 013   
A Pargat singh     B dhanraj Pillai     C najo singh siddhu     D Virat Kohali

86 the main emphasis of Keynesian economics is on
(A) Expenditure (B) Exchange     (C) Foreign trade (D) taxation

87. The main feature of the federal  State is
A Decentralization     B Centralization    
(C) Theory of separation of powers      (D) Sovereignty

 88. Public opinion Is
(A) The opinion of the majority
(B) The opinion of the people on political matters
C  Opinion of the Citizen of the country
(D) The opinion based reasoning which  is welfare of the whole society

89. In India the largest single item of  current government expenditure is
A defence     B interest     C subsidies     D Solid overheads

90. The demand of a factor production  is
(A) direct     (B) derived    (C) neutral    (D) discretion of the producer

91 If the average revenue is a horizontal straight line, marginal revenue will be
(A) U shaped    (B) Kinked        
(C) Identical with average revenue    (D) L shaped   
92 The hypothesis that rapid growth of per capita income will be associated with a reduction in poverty is called
(A) trickle down hypothesis
(B) trickle up hypothesis
(C) U shaped hypothesis
(D) poverty estimation hypothesis

93 according to Keynes, business cycls are due to variation in the rate of investment cause by fluctuations in the
A marginal efficiency capital
B marginal propensity to save
C marginal propensity to consumption
D marginal efficiency to investment
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