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Monday 20 October 2014

IBPS Clerk Exam General Awareness Solved Question Paper 2014

Solved Questions paper Model Paper for IBPS Clerk Exam 2014 IBPS Clerical cadre Examination free general awareness  questions | General Study GS | General Knowledge questions for IBPS clerical cadre examination

Q: Which state issues credit cards for fishermen ?
A:  Kerala
B:  Maharashtra
C:  Uttar Pradesh
D:  Tamil Nadu
Answer : A

Q:  Primary colours are
A:  Red, green, blue
B:  Colours of a rainbow
C:  Colours which cannot be produced by mixing other colours
D:  Both A:  & C:
Answer : A

Q: Which city is known as a “Pink City” or city of roses
A:  Delhi
B:  Mumbai
C:  Jaipur
D:  Chennai
Answer : C

Q: Submarines use
A:  Telescope
B:  Periscope
C:  Microscope
D:  None of the above
Answer : D

Q: To resolve the Border Dispute with China and India, both the countries reiterated their desire to build, in the vision document, a boundary of peace and friendship on the basis of an agreement on political parameters and guiding principles. Name the Agreement?
A:  May 2006 Agreement
B:  April 2004 Agreement
C:  April 2005 Agreement
D:  June 2005 Agreement
Answer : C
IBPS Clerk Exam General Awareness Solved Question Paper 2014
Q:  To an astronaut in space, the sky appears to be
A:  White
B:  Blue
C:  Red
D:  Dark
Answer : D

Q: Who among the following players won French Open Tennis Women’s Singles title, 2011
A: Cara Black (Zimbabwe)
B: Vania King (USA)
C: Yaroslava Shvelova (Kazakhstan)
D:  Li Na (China).
Answer : D

Q:  The mirage is a phenomenon A:  generally considered a desert happening
B:  caused by unequal heating of layers of atmosphere
C:  due to phenomena of total internal reflection
D:  all the above
Answer : C

Q: The Parliament of India increased the salary and emoluments of President of India in
December, 2008. The total monthly emoluments of President of India is raised to
A: 75,000
B: ‘1,50,000
C: ‘85,000
D ‘1.1 lakh
Answer : B

Q: The Government of India in 2008 notified the rules enforcing the Act, giving tribal and
forest dwellers rights over land and forest produce.
A : SC and ST Act
B: STs and Other Traditional Foreign Dwellers Act
C: STs and Other Traditional Forest Dwellers (Recognition of Forest Rights) Act
D:  SCs and Other Traditional Forest Dwellers (Recognition of Forest Rights) Act
Answer : C

Q: Which among the following Chief Justice of Pakistan was sacked on charges of misconduct and misuse of authority by former militant President Gen. Purvez Musharaf?
A:  Mohammad Aslam Khan
B:  Iftikhar Mohammed Chaudhary
C:  S. Obedulla Azami
D:  Javed lqbal
Answer : B

Q: Drinks kept in a vacuum flask remain hot or cold for a long time because
A:  both walls are silvered
B:  there is vacuum between double walls
C:  the cork is a poor conductor
D:  all the above
Answer : D

Q:  The 12th Five Year Plan (2012-2017) in India envisages the goal
A:  to encourage development of agriculture, education, health and social welfare
B:  ninetynine percent GDP in the full five years
C:  eight percent GDP in the first three years and a growth of 5 percent during the terminal year 2010-12
D:  none of the above
Answer : A

Q: in a freezer, ice cubes will be formed more quickly in trays made of
A: rubber
B: plastic
C: aluminum
D:  none of these above
Answer : C

Q: Who is the first woman to head UNESCO
A:  Ms. Sonia Gandhi
B:  Ambika Soni
C:  Ms. Mekbla Sinha
D:  Ms. Irma Bokova.
Answer : D
Q:  Dioptre is the unit of power of
A:  Light
B:  Sound
C:  Energy
D:  Lenses
Answer : D

Q: Thick brick walls are used in construction of cold storage because bricks are
A:  Good conductors of heat
B:  Cheaper than other material
C:  Bad conductors of heat
D:  All of the above
Answer: C

Q: The first Parliamentary elections were held in India in
A:  1952
B:  1950
C:  1951
D:  1953
Answer : A

Q: Which line on a ship indicates the greatest admissible limit of submergence?
A:  Pimsoll line
B:  Radanio line
C: Haddock line
D:  None of the above
Answer : A

Q: When ice starts melting
A:  there is no change in volume
B:  there is no change in temperature
C:  there is no change in state
D:  none of the above
Answer : A

Q:  Leap year is a year in which
A:  the earth undergoes two solar eclipses
B:  the month of August and December have 31 days
C:  the month of February has 29 days
D:  none of the above
Answer : C

Q: Television stations cannot transmit their regional programmes to far off places because
A:  these signals are electro magnetic
B:  they are non-electro magnetic
C:  they have large amplitude
D:  they are not reflected by the ionosphere as radio waves
Answer : D

Q: When we are sweating, we feel comfortable sander a fan because
A: air circulated by fan is cool
B:  air takes away heat from our body
C: air evaporates the sweat on our skin
D: none of the above
Answer : C

IBPS Clerk Examination date
06 December  2014    ,    7 December 2014,     13 December 2014,
14 December 2014,         20 December 2014,    21 December 2014
27 December 2014

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