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Saturday 18 October 2014

IBPS Banking Exam General Awareness solved Question paper 2014

IBPS Banking Exam General Awareness solved Question paper 2014
Q:  Inside an aero plane, flying at a high altitude
A: partial vacuum and normal humidity are maintained
B: the pressure inside is less than the pressure outside
C: the pressure is similar as that outside
D: normal atmospheric pressure is maintained by the use of air pumps

Answer : D

Q: ‘Hydrogen bomb’ is based on the principle of
A: Nuclear fission
B: Nuclear fusion
C: Both of the above
D: None of the above
Answer : B

Q: in summer season light colored clothes are  preferred because
A: light colors are poor absorbers of heat
B: they allow body heat to escape faster
C: light colors are good radiators of heat
D: they soak sweat faster
Answer : A

Q: The Subscriber Trunk Dialing Service i.e. STD was first introduced in the country
between which of the following cities in 1960?
A: Kanpur and Lucknow
B: Delhi and Mumbai
C: Calcutta and Delhi
D: Delhi and Chennai
Answer :A

Q Excessive consumption of alcoholic drink causes damage to the
A: Kidney     B: Lungs    C: Heart    D: Liver
Answer : D

Q: 1° of latitude is equivalent to how many kilometres?
A: 401 Km
B: 111.7Km
C: 991 Km
D: 502 Km
Answer :B

It is more difficult to walk on ice than on a concrete road because
Q: A: there is more friction on ice than on concrete 
B: ice is soft and spongy whereas concrete is  hard
C: the friction between the ice and the feet is less than between the concrete and the feet
D: none of the above
Answer : C

Q: Coniferous forests are abundantly found in
A: Southern India
B: South America
C: Southern Island of Australia
D: Western, Central and Eastern North America
Answer :D

Q: Which among the following does not sleep in its life time?
A: reptile     B: snake    C: crocodile    D: fish
Answer : D

Q: Which of the following is India’s most urbanized State?
A: Rajasthan
B: Maharashtra
C: Kerala
D: Punjab
Answer :  B

Q: Which one of the following is known as the Land of Rising Sun?
A FINALANAD     B japan    c korea         D USA
Answer : B

Answer : B

Q: ‘Nitric acid’ is formed by
A: Haber process
B: Ostwald process
C: Contact process
D: Lead Chamber process
Answer : B

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