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Sunday 24 August 2014

SSC CHSL Exam Question paper 2015 Model paper 10+2 Level

SSC CHSL Exam Question paper 2015 Model paper 10+2 Level
Important general study questions for upcoming combined higher secondary level examination CHSL 2015, DEO data entry operator exam, lower division clerk recruitment exam model paper, sample question paper. CHSL previous year questions

1 SQL in computer science stands for
A sorted query language     B structured quick language
C structured query language     D structure quick launch

2 which of the following is not a part of the processor of computer
A ALU    B CU        C Register     D Ram

3 rotation of crop is essential
A for increasing the quantity of mineral     B for increasing the quantity of proteins
C for getting different kinds of crops         D for increasing the fertility of the soil

4 the major component in CNG is
A ethane     B propane     C butane     D methane

5 word environment day is celebrated on
A 5 June     B 28 February         C 14 November     D 15 July

6 earth is protected from ultra violet radiation by means of
A  oxygen layer     B ozone layer         C nitrogen layer     D carbon dioxide layer

7 the highest policy making body in national planning in India is
A administrative reform commission         B finance commission
C inter state council                 D national development council

8 which one of the following is an example of fixed cost ?
A price of raw material     B fuel and power charge    
C rent for building         D wage for casual labor

9 the principal of population was propounded by
A Gardner         B odum     C Darwin     D malhus

10 the public, private cooperative and join sectors exist in a
A mixed economy,         B socialist economy    
C communist economy     D capitalistic economy

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