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Saturday 23 August 2014

Previous year CBSE CTET Question Paper February 2015

CBSE CTET Question Paper Previous year Questions paper for Central TET Exam paper 1 upper primary level UPS / Junior level for class 6 to class 8 level teaching
CTET model sample question paper | important questions for Upcoming CTET exam pedagogy / bal manovigyan / child development and psychology
CTET February 2015 Exam - 22 Febaury
Q1 teacher student draw on another expertise while working on complex project related to real world problem in ------ class room
A traditional     B constructivist     3 teacher centric     4 Social constructive

Q2 which of the following is a characteristics of Kohlberg stage of moral development ?
A variable sequence of stages
B state are isolate response and not general pattern
C universal sequence of stages across all culture
D stags process in non hierarchic manner

Q3 which of the following implication can not be deliver from piaget theory of cognitive development
A sensitively to childe readiness to learn
B acceptance of individual difference
C discovery learning
D need of verbal teaching

Q4 in the context of socialization schools often have a hidden curriculum which consist of  A forcible learning, thinking and behaving in particular way by imitating peer and teacher .
B the informal cues social roles presented in school through interaction and material
C negotiating and resisting socialization of student through their families
D teaching and assessment of values and attitude.

Q5 In the context of progressive education the term equal educational opportunity implies that all students should
A receive equal education irrespective of their cast creed , colors region and religion ,
B be allowed to prove their capability after receiving an equal education.
C be provided an education by using the same method and materials without any distinction
D be provide and education which is most appropriate to them and their future life at work .

Q6 in the context of language development , which f the following areas was underestimated by piaget
A heredity     B social interaction     C egocentric speech     D active construction by the Child

Q7 a teacher ask his student to draw a concept map to reflect their comprehension of a topic , HE / SHE is
A jogging the memory of the students
B conducing formative assessment
C testing the ability of the students to summarize the main points
D trying to develop rubric o evaluate the achievement of the students

Q8 which one of the following represent the domain evaluating in the blooms revised taxonomy.
A creating a graph of chart using the data
B judging the logical consistency of solution
C evaluating the pertinence of the data provided
D formulating  a new way for categories objects.
Q9 teacher must believe in which of the following values in the context of dealing with disadvantage learners.
A personal accountability for student success
B high expectation  of appropriate behavior
C No demand of any sort on the students
D for immediate compliance of the students use of being shocked and angry

10 stuttering problem in students can be dealt by applying which of the following method.
A dictated speech     B prolongs speech    C pragmatic speech     D protracted speech

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