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Thursday 10 July 2014

Shiksha Mitra Smayojan Court Case News Update July 2014

Just Like other Vacancies of uttar pradesh now shiksha Mitra Smayojan is also challenged in high court by various types of writ petitioner.
Many of the writ is filed those candidates who are not directly involved with vacancies but such type of writ is a good resource of funding. We are continuously watching that these petitioner continuously trying to find Loop holes of the running recruitment. Shiksha Mitra Smayojan is also victim of such type of writ petitioners.
As w know government decided to do Smayojan of shiksha Mitra in the primary schools for the posts of assistant teacher posts. every one know that these shiksha Mitra is working more then 10 year on very nominal salary but they are dedicated to teaching . they have a  many year teaching experience and government also trained them via BTC training via Distance Mode. Government has given exemption to these shiksha Mitra from TET via using there powers under RTE.
but its seems Smayojan process of shiksha Mitra will be delayed due to court case. High court Allahabad now issued notice to all parties , Central government and state government to submit there view on this matter. all writ of shiksha Mitra will be heard by honorable HC Allahabad on 21 July 2014
writ Petitioner Anand kumar yaday and othrs filed a special writ against the official GO / Shashnadesh which was published by state government of uttar pradesh on 19 June 2014.  they said , that government want to do Smayojan of 54000 shiksha Mitra who have recently cleared there two year BTC training. Now these SM will appointed on the posts of sahayak Adhyapak.
Petitioner also said that NCTE and MHRD order to all states that No Teacher will appointed without qualifying TET and which will be compulsory to all candidates for further appointment,. High court Allahabad has also given a decision that no Exemption will be given to any one from TET for the posts of Assistant Teacher posts.
Let us see what decision will be taken by HC Allahabad. will provide you all case update here .
So stay in touch for complete details of HC court decision, judgment, court date  on shiksha Mitra matter.

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