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Wednesday 18 June 2014

Primary School Teacher Transfer will be start from end of June 2015

State government of uttar pradesh this year also going to provide teachers for there inter district transfer from one district to another District. But this time government
will not permit transfer within one school to another school within the same district. That means this year no Smayojan would be take place. If a primary teacher want there transfer then he can apply online only and transfer will be done in only that case when teacher want to leave there working District.  Teacher of Primary school / Upper primary Junior School conducted by basic shiksha parishad waiting for there transfer since long time. Very soon they will get there desired districts. Transfer date, and calendar will be official available before the 25 June 2014. so just wait one week more your inter District Transfer . basic shiksha parishad now finalizing the process and procedure of primary school teacher transfer. But its sure Smayojan within district will not be possible many of teacher was expecting that they will get a nearest school in there district via Smayojan but government changed the policy of primary school teacher transfer. This decision was taken in basic education meeting of 11 June 2015 which was held at Lucknow.
Last year a lot of corruption was in primary school teacher transfer. Many teacher paid around 1 lakh for there desired primary school and this was reported later on to basic education minister of uttar pradesh. After investigation many BSA was suspended that’s why government decided to not permit the transfer of primary school teacher within the same district.
Very soon official Schedule of transfer will be available. all transfer will be only done online only so teacher are advised don’t pay a single rupee to any one for your transfer. Just fill online application form at the official website of basic shiksha parishad.
If you are selected for transfer then your name will be also published online at the official website of Basic shiksha parishad. will provide you all process and procedure of inter district transfer.  So keep on visiting here .

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