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Thursday 12 June 2014

Important Questions for RRB ALP Loco Pilot Exam 2014

Important Questions for RRB ALP Loco Pilot Exam 2014

Q1 which of the following is not a member of SAARC
A Bhutan     B Bangladesh     C Mauritius     D Maldives

2 the black hole theory was discovr by
A hargobid khurana         B.     C. V raman
C S Ramnijan             D    S chadrshekher

3 who developed hydrogen Bomb
A Samuel Cohen     B wemher von Braun
C Edward teller     D J robber open heimr

4 a lie on a metrological map joining place of equal rainfall called
A isoclinic     B isobar     C igogenic     D isohyets

5 the color of star is an indication of
A weight     B distance     C temperature     D size

6 ELISA test is used to detect
A malaria infection     B cholera infection     C hiv infection      D lung infection

7 it is industrial process of producing ammonia by the reaction of nitrogen with hydrogen in the presence of catalyst
A solvay process     B bayr process     C haber process     D bsmber process

8 which schedule of the constitution of India describe the allocation of seat I the council of states
A fourth     B third     C tenth     D eight

9 the mass of Body at the ceter of earth is
A less the at the surface     B remains constant     C more than at the surface     D zero

10 in drinig water number of coli form bacteria should not exceed
A 0/100 ml     B 1/100 ml     C 10/100 ml     D 100/100 ml

11 which of the state of India has declared Mallkhamb as its state sports
A Maharashtra     B Madhya pradesh     C Delhi     D karnataka

12 winner of Nobel prize 2013 for literature is
A alico munro     B lars peter     C Robert Shiller     D Eugene Fame

13 which state / union territory registered the highest percentage of voter turnout in cenetly held lok Sabha general election 2014
A Dadar and nagar haveli     B lakshdwep     B nagaland     D Tripura

14 who recently won the means itlin tennis open 2014
A rafl nadal     B novak djokik     C donna vekic     D domiika cibulkova
15 which country remember as third largest economy of the word in 2011 in terms of the purchasing power parity according to word bank report  release o 29 April 2014
A Japan     B china     C India     D Russia

16 who has recently won 2014 Pulitzer prize in the poetry category
A Gobind beharila     B Jhump lhiri     C vijay seshadri     D Sidhartha mukharji

17 which of the following article of constitution of India entrust parent with the responsibility of the providing opportunity for education to there child children
A article 21 A         B Article 51 A     C article 45     D article 350 A

18 if the price index for the year 2002 was 120 and for the year 2003 it is 130 . the rate of inflation would be
A 7.69 %    B 10%    C 8.3 %     D 13%

19 day an night are equal on 21 march at
A tropic of Capricorn     B tropic of cancer     C equator     D none of these

20 largest Indian state in terms of are is
A Madhya pradesh     B Maharashtra      C Rajasthan     D karnataka

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